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Client: VBL Therapeutics, Israel 

Project: Lighting for a new-build bio-pharmaceutical production facility

Date: Q2 2017

We were recently approached by a renowned cleanroom contractor in the Middle East, to supply the complete lighting package for the new VBL Therapeutics bio-pharmaceutical production facility.

VBL Therapeutics are a late-stage clinical bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialisation of treatments for cancer. Based in Or-Yehuda, this new facility will be the center for their bio-pharmaceutical production activity in Israel. Astra were chosen to complete the lighting designs and supply the bespoke luminaires – on time, within a budget and with full compliance to the client’s required standards and demands.

Having previously completed projects within the Middle East, they were already aware of our diverse range of technical LED luminaires. The Safestep luminaire proved entirely advantageous for this project, as the special grid ceiling with walk-on capabilities had already been installed and very few lighting manufacturers offer a walkable luminaire fully tested to BS6399-1:1966.

This luminaire provides total walk-on protection, safeguarding personnel working above the ceiling, eliminating health and safety risks in the areas that maintenance occurs more frequently. The client also opted in for rear access, giving maintenance workers access to the luminaires from within the ceiling. It was imperative that the sensitive and sterile workings of the cleanroom below were not disrupted.

As the T-bar ceiling had already been installed, the Safesteps’ had to be further modified to fit the exacting sizes that the ceiling grid dimensions allowed, becoming a bespoke made luminaire to 605mm x 605mm.

For areas without these specifications, mainly corridors, the LFL was chosen. This IP20 surface mounted teardrop luminaire’s shape and size suited the long and narrow compositions of the corridors whilst still maintaining a low IP rating to comply with the sterile standards of even the non-cleanroom areas.

The cold room area required another specialist luminaire called the ‘WCR’ from our industrial range. The client required a luminaire with an arduous design that could withstand temperatures in the minuses.

This IP65 luminaire has a housing made of corrosion, moisture and acid resisting glass fibre, making it suitable for areas with a temperature range of between -20°C and 25°C. It also has a high frequency control gear, non-aging gaskets and removable gear tray for total ease of maintenance.

As these luminaires were to be exported from the Middle East to the UK, special exportation documents and packing requirements were made:

Export Requirement Result and Explanation
EUR1 Documentation 
  • “Movement Certificate”
  • Enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced or nil rate of import duty under trade agreements between the EU and beneficiary countries.
  • To qualify – goods must originate from the UK or EU and be supported by a correctly completed and endorsed EUR1.
  • All relevant paperwork was included with the luminaires before client collection.
CE Certification
  • “European Conformity” – shows the manufacturer has checked that the products meet EU safety, health or environmental requirements.
  • All Astra luminaires have total compliance with EN60598-2-1 and we can provide written evidence of this for any export order.
Copy of Ownership (CO)
  • The client required the CO to be notarised and officially certified by a government body before collection of goods.
Packed for Exportation 
  • “Goods must be packed for sea/air freight on decontaminated wooden pallets” – the special exportation packing required before collection of goods.

Working on a tight deadline with VBL therapeutics, meant the luminaires had to be ready for collection on the agreed date and that they were as quick and easy to install on site as possible. With over 35 years’ experience working alongside contractors, we understand the pressures of deadlines and always strive to manufacture bespoke, reliable and efficient luminaires on time, and within budget.

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