Astra lighting have made yet another advanced development to improve their range of specialist luminaires. The new European standard for unified glare rating is set at UGR19 as the maximum permissible value for areas of reading, writing, training, meetings and computer based work. Therefore, Astra have re-designed the manufacturing process of their luminaires to include new 19 optical diffusers which will achieve this specified standard.

Combining their efficient LED technology and luminaire design, with a new range of Pico-Lite LED optical films, this brand new prism design will allow users to achieve the required UGR ratings and at 5000 lumens input, will still provide a high light transmission.

Glare limitation has now become a specified requirement on many projects because, luminaires without glare control and incorrect luminaire arrangement in design stages, provides a direct/reflected glare lighting scheme which aids in the loss of concentration and working fatigue of employees. Astra intends to now evaluate the glare of all luminaires that are featured in a room against the UGR method, as specified in the standard EN 12464-1, ‘Lighting of indoor workplaces.’ The UGR rating from each room will be featured on all lighting design calculations to comply with the new European standards, as per the functionalities of the room itself.

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