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Client: SPIE, Southampton UK

Project: Walk-on LED luminaires for new build


Date: Q3 2016


With our ability to manufacture and design large quantities of bespoke luminaires, Astra was the first point of call when SPIE began the design process of a new research and development facility in Southampton, UK.

SPIE are a European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering. They are a company that prides themselves on supporting and encouraging their customers to design, build and maintain facilities that are energy efficient, sustainable and meet all of their client’s requirements.  

Sharing in that same company ethos, we worked closely with SPIE in the lighting design stage and luminaire recommendations for this £25m Centre for Cancer and Immunology, located at Southampton General Hospital.

This exciting new research and development facility was the first of its kind in the UK. this meant that it had specific requirements that had to be adhered to, and it became crucial that we made the correct product recommendations/modifications as and when necessary.

The SAFESTEP LED luminaire was chosen for this particular project, its walk-on capabilities proved appealing to the client. Maintenance within the ceiling void was predicted to be necessary, and so certain safety precautions needed to made, that only the SAFESTEP (tested to BS 6399-1: 1966) could guarantee. Rear access comes as a standard feature for this luminaire, however, the client anticipated that they may need to access the components of the luminaire, for maintenance, from the room itself. This involved design modifications and bespoke manufacturing of the SAFESTEP to include dual access for the very first time.  

Below is the design drawing of this new modification,



The distribution of light was also a concern for the client who requested that there be a total lighting uniformity across all rows of testing stations within the controlled areas. In order to achieve this, our lighting design team positioned the SAFESTEPs between the rows to give the best lighting distribution possible, achieving the optimum light level for the specific room type.

The luminaires were also required to include special UV protection and coloured filters, both of which could not affect the ability for users to move safely around the building. This was achieved by calculating the colour-light specifications in ‘wavenumbers’ to create a visible introduction to coloured light above 600nm.


DA Safestep red and white


As the light was to be switched between white and coloured under timeclock monitoring, the inclusion of Lighting Control Modules (LCMs) and Time Clock Zones were necessary at design stages. For this the Astra DD1LCM-10, DALI Broadcast Lighting Control Module was used. The client wanted consideration for the occasions when an area is taken out of use for restocking, cleaning or maintenance. One or more zones should be able to operate on different light settings as and when required for either operational/maintenance or specific research use. In order to make the lighting as customisable for use as possible, the DD1LCM-10 was chosen as it can control up to 10 channels from one controller, with each channel programmed on different settings if required.

Having taken the time to understand and meet the client’s needs, Astra’s attention to detail and ability to adapt their products accordingly meant that every luminaire SPIE received was reliable, custom-made, easily installed and maintained. 

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