We have spent some time recently designing a new CPD program in preparation for the busy next few months of LED lighting seminars. The designs were completed to coincide with the release of this newsletter so we could take the time to introduce the premise of, ‘Specified for Performance’.

Astra believes there are 5 key performance indicators to remember and fully understand when choosing suitable cleanroom lighting applications. Specified for Performance takes you through the following KPI’s:


1. LUMINAIRE EFFICIENCY understanding LL/CW (luminaire lumens per circuit watt)

How the efficiency of the complete luminaire is measured, including the electrical losses associated with the control gear and reduced LOR (light output ratio) due to the light transmission of the diffuser material

2. LUMEN MAINTENANCE & RELIABILITYunderstanding L and B ratings for LED

One of the key benefits of LED technologies compared to other light sources is its reliability and high operating lifetime

3. SPECIFICATIONunderstanding the requirements of building regulations and cleanroom applications 

The choice of diffuser material for LED applications is very important and with the additional requirements for cleanroom applications it is critical to select the correct material

4. CEILING INTEGRATIONunderstanding the different ceiling types

Selecting the correct luminaire is critical to maintaining the integrity of the cleanroom

5. INNOVATIONinnovative solutions to meet the requirements of cleanroom applications

The development of a range of specialist luminaires, such as, the SAFESTEP walk-on luminaires for panel ceilings and the Integrated Access Panel Luminaires to facilitate ease of access to services in the ceiling above, including solid ceilings.


As you have read, there is lots to consider before choosing a cleanroom luminaire for your next project and it’s important to note that the lighting demands for cleanrooms are unique in their requirements and always call for high specification luminaires.

To aid in the understanding of the KPI’s, Astra is now sharing our 35 years of experience to map the changes and growth of cleanroom lighting applications, explain all the benefits of LED and educate other professionals making decisions in this industry to make the right ones.


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