SAF model activated carbon filters have high quantities of activated carbons used to remove the odours in civil facilities and the vapours produced by industrial processes, even in great concentrations. Their design and construction complies with the international standards in force for the military and nuclear sector. They guarantee the treatment of all contaminated fluid, without by-pass. SAF filters are made of a galvanized steel sheet panels with electrolytic procedure, containing activated carbon, installed in an external frame, also in electrolytic galvanized sheet. The filter is also fitted with a closed cell neoprene front gasket. The air containing odors and gas passes through the activated carbons inside the panels and comes out purified and odorless. SAF filters have high activated carbon quantities and are suitable for high odor concentration levels.

Technical Features

Product SAF
Maximum Air Flow Rate Galvanized Steel Sheet
Maximum Operating Temperature 160% of nominal
Maximum operating temperature 60°C
Maximum relative humidity 60 %
Applications: odors, steam and organic solvents Carbon type 2.0
Application: acid gas, H2S, SO2, etc. Carbon type 2.1
Application: formaldehyde Carbon type 2.2
Application: formaldehyde Carbon type 3.0


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