Raised Flooring

Raised Access Flooring System

We understand the demands of the cleanroom facilities, and the Raised Access Flooring requirements for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and data centres. Each panel is die-cast, milled and finished to a high specification that exceeds all the requirements of controlled environments. For optimum room configuration and flexibility, the range of panels and gratings are completely interchangeable.

Solid Panel

The Astra Solid Panels are designed for use in areas where extremely heavy loads are to be placed. The unique rib structure provides optimum weight dispersion to achieve minimum deflection and maximum load-bearing capacities for placement of manufacturing equipment and tool move-ins.

Perforated Panel

The Astra Perforated Panels are designed to provide a smooth air flow from the ceiling to the floor with 1,296 or 1,024 chamfered holes per panel. The holes provide a nominal 18% – 38% open area in a non-directional pattern for airflow requirements. Perforated panels can effectively reduce air turbulence by chamfering the sharp and uneven drilled holes on the surface of the panels.

Grated Panel

The Astra Grating Panels are designed for the areas where maximum airflow is required, the grid pattern generates a minimum vibration from rolling loads and foot traffic. The maximum air flow is from 41% to 51% with the Grating Panels.


  • Semi-conductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Research and Data Centres
  • Laboratories


  • High load-bearing capacity with low deflection
  • Interchangeable panels
  • Wide variety of finishing materials
  • Class A1 building materials (non-combustible)
  • Long life cycle for economical usage


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