R1000 LCR

R1000 Lighting Control Router


The R1000 LC Router uses an Ethernet connection (10/100Mb/s) as a network backbone to seamlessly combine DALI networks.

Basic functionality is available out of the box without programming. Our Designer Software allows for advanced configuration and functional programming of the router.

The system provides energy-saving features via presence detection and daylight harvesting. Further automation can be achieved through scheduled events.

A PC can be connected to the system for diagnostics and logging purposes if required, but there is no need for PC control in daily operation, as all data is stored within the system itself. The elimination of a central controller ensures that no single point of failure can cause a total system shutdown.


Key Features

  • Support for 128 DALI devices (64 DALI devices on each subnet)
  • Built-in-real-time clock
  • Can be networked together to form large scalable systems.
  • Provices local as well as central control if required.
  • Integration with other building systems
  • Universal supply input.



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