Filtra-Pak RPC K


The pollution concept is now part of our daily life. We find it both outdoor (PM10) and indoor as in offices, museums, hospitals, shopping centres caused by road traffic and industrial emissions. We try therefore to control this pollution which is not just made of particles, pollen, solid pollutants but also gas emissions and VOC (volatile organic compounds). Progress has been made as regards the filtration of solid particles but just recently activated carbon filters have been introduced in air conditio- ning plants. Today advanced processes have enabled manufacturers to combine activated carbon, in flakes/granules, with a synthetic fiber media reaching efficiency levels up to F7 (acc. EN 779).

The activation of the coconut shell carbon through the steam enables the same to adsorb the gaseous pollutants by means of physical, chemical or catalytic processes.

This is the ideal solution for the situations in which there are low concen- trations of pollutants. Furthermore the mini-pleat construction allows us to obtain V shaped products with extended media surface area.

  • High reaction speed compared to other filters Relatively low initial pressure drop
  • Sealed tight
  • No carbon loss
  • Incinerable
  • Standard sizes

Technical Features

ProductRPC K
EN 779 classificationF7 (air outlet side)
FrameAnti-crash polystyrene
Filter mediaActivated carbons
Filter packMini-pleats
SealantPolyurethane elastomer
Maximum operating temperature40 °C
Maximum relative humidity60 %


filtra pak rpc k
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