Filtra-Pak RP-.I


Filtra-Pak RP-.I HEPA rigid pocket filters are used in all those applications where a contamination control is required. The medium is made of glass microfiber paper, water-proof, closely folded and separated by continuous hot-melt thermal-plastic spacers. The packs are arranged in a V shape in a perfectly tight polystyrene holding frame. All the filters have high filtration efficiency rates, limited depth, high dust holding capacity and robust construction.

Pressure drop is low to reduce the energy consumption of the fan. At the end of their operating life these filters have to be replaced; they are fully incinerable.

Technical Features

Product RP-SI RP-BI
EN 1822:2009 classification E11 U13
EUROVENT Classification EU 11 EU 13
Suggested Final Pressure Drop 500 Pa 500 Pa
Maximum pressure drop 750 Pa 750 Pa
Maximum operating temperature 70 °C 70 °C
Maximum relative humidity 100% 100%


filtra pak rp i
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