Closed Circuit DALI Controls

Closed Circuit DALI Scene Control Unit

The DALI Scene Control unit is designed for DALI control of single room applications and is supplied with a DALI Power supply unit (boxed) with the relevant DIN termination for ease of installation. Also, supplied with a 7 button wall control unit, that has the options of 4 programmable scene options, with a raise and lower function, and an off key.

DALI Connections

The limitation on this system is a maximum of 60 DALI ballasts connected to the BUS supply, the wall control unit also connects to the BUS line at any point. All luminaires on the Closed Dali Circuit will be controlled simultaneously.

Wiring Information

The DALI power supply box requires a 240v permanent supply, as will all the ballasts connect to the DALI BUS (fuse mains supply to balasts according loading) the wall control unit does not require mains.

All ballasts and the wall control unit will need to be connected to the DALI BUS cable, this should be a 2 core mains rated cable (min 1mm csa) and does not need to be screened even if running alongside the mains cable.

The DALI BUS cable can be wired in star, spur radial to all ballasts and is not polarity conscious (do not wire in a ring format).

Simple Programming

1 – To program the scenes required (all lights at the same levels) simply ensure the DALI power supply is powered and the orange LED is lit in the unit.

2 – Then, hold down buttons 3 and 4 on the wall plate, after a short time buttons 1 and 4 will flash (you won’t see 4 as your finger will be holding it down).

3 – Once this button has flashed you have now loaded the pre-set scenes to the ballasts (100%, 75%, 50% and 25%).

4 – To alter any of these, simply use the up/down keys to get the levels required, once you have the level required simply hold the key down that you want that light level stored on until it flashes, and this will store the scene on that key number.

5 – Repeat this until all scenes are set to required levels, you can change a scene level at any time by repeating the above process.


The boxed DALI power supply unit measures 250mm x 200mm x 100mm. The wall control unit fits on a standard single gang 35mm deep back box.

Wiring for DALI Dimming

Mains feed is linked from fitting to fitting as normal. The Dimming Control cables are mains rated 1mm. Which link from fitting to fitting. Maximum of 60 Ballasts can be connected plus wall plate. For more than 60 devices, please consult us.


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