CB and CA cartridge absolute filters, HEPA class, are made of a perforated aluminium sheet cylinder which holds the fiber-glass filter media, mini-pleated with constant pitch and continuous thermoplastic spacers. The medium is fixed inside the casing through a polyurethane sealant. The air inlet, mounted on one side of the filter body, has on the external side single piece closed cell neoprene gasket. The air to be filtered enters from the open inlet and expands through the radial filtration medium, passes through the medium itself and goes out of the holes of the external aluminium sheet. The bottom of the cartridge is closed, with an anodized aluminium sheet cap.

Hence the perforated aluminium surface of the cartridge has a dual role:

  • it protects the filter media
  • it allows the air to flow out.

CB series cartridges, like all absolute filters, must be fitted with pre-filters to extend their operating life and must be disposed of at the end. They have low pressure drop levels, great mechanical resistance and robust construction.

Technical Features

Product AB AA
Efficiency MPPS 99,995 % 99,9995 %
EN 1822:2009 classification H13 H14
Suggested final pressure drop 400 Pa 400 Pa
Maximum pressure drop 600 Pa 600 Pa
Maximum operating temperature 70 °C 70 °C
Maximum relative humidity 100% 100%
CE mark  ✓  ✓
ATEX version on request  ✓  ✓


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