CAB model cartridge activated carbon filters remove the bad odours generally present in civil facilities and the vapours produced by industrial processes. They are made of a galvanized steel sheet cartridge and micro-drawn grids containing vegetable activated carbon installed in a galvanized sheet frame. The air containing odours and gas passes through the activated carbons inside the cylinders and comes out purified and odourless. Before passing through activated carbons, the air must be properly filtered to remove all the dust and the particles that could clog the carbons. CAB filters have average activated carbon quantities and are suitable for average odor concentration levels. They have a low pressure drop and this reduces fan energy consumption levels. The activated carbons can be regenerated by using vapor.

Technical Features

Maximum air flow rate: 110 % of nominal

Maximum operating temperature: 60 °C

Maximum relative humidity: 60 %

Applications: odors, steam and organic solvents: Carbon type 2.0

Application: acid gas, H2S, SO2, etc: Carbon type 2.1


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