Self-Contained Emergency Lighting Installations

ASTRA-ST5 XP can be used to test and monitor self-contained emergency lighting installations, centrally supplied emergency lighting installations or a combination of both simultaneously. ASTRA-ST5 XP tests and monitors emergency luminaires in compliance with the latest European Standards including BS5266, IS3217 and prEN62034.


  • Intelligent addressable central testing system to test self-contained and/ centrally supplied emergency lighting installations.
  • System must be capable of monitoring Central Battery Systems / Static Inverters and Sub-distribution boards.
  • System must communicate via CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol sustaining up to 30 testing groups.
  • Unit must accommodate up to 253 spurs with a maximum of 100 nodes per spur, reaching a maximum network capacity of 25,300 devices.
  • System should be modular, increasing in steps of 100 nodes (i.e. 253 steps x 100) to reach a maximum capacity of 25,300 devices.
  • System must test to BS5266 / IS3217 as default with a user customisation option available.
  • System must be compliant with prEN62034.
  • System must automatically poll all luminaires for status every 30 seconds.
  • System must be able to be monitored from a remote location via a standard phone line.
  • An intelligent node will fit into all emergency luminaires with a maximum dimension of 125mm x 36mm x 28mm.
  • All nodes must be factory set to ensure ease of installation.
  • System should have a dedicated PC monitoring the system over an Ethernet backbone.
  • System must diagnose luminaire faults, differentiating between lamp, communication, battery or other faults.
  • The cable required for the CAN communications side (i.e. Control Module to fitting) is a shielded twisted pair. Astra recommend the use of Belden 8719, 9316, 1030A or equivalents. The cable required for the Ethernet side is standard CAT5 cabling.

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent testing system that can monitor both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lighting installations.
  • The default system tests installations daily, monthly, 6 monthly and annually in accordance with current legislation.
  • Site configurations can be downloaded / uploaded – allowing for ease of set-up and troubleshooting.
  • Up to 30 testing groups can be allocated irrespective of physical location or electrical connection.
  • A PC based control panel with user friendly software enables the user to configure / monitor and test the complete system with great ease.
  • The system operates independently of the central Control Panel, therefore the PC is not required to be on-line continuously or supported by a UPS.
  • The use of Ethernet connectivity allows the fittings to be over 1km away from the control panel and also allows remote monitoring.
  • The modular structure of the system allows the system to be scaled to suit any installation (from 100 luminaires to 25,300 luminaires) and allows for later expansion of the system.


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