DELTA series AB – AA models are mini-pleated absolute filters, for unidirectional airflow system applications.

AB models are produced in a wide range of sizes with air flow rates ranging from 65 to 2700 m3/h. All the filters have an extruded anodized aluminum frame, 69 mm deep, with white epoxy painted micro-drawn aluminum protection grids on both sides. The mini pleat filtering pack, in micro-fiber glass, keeps the proper shape by means of continuous hot-melt spacers, to guarantee the lowest pressure drop and the flow laminarity. Any air by-pass risk is avoided sealing the media to the frame with a polyurethane elastomer sealant. Once the filter is installed, the tightness is guaranteed by a special half-round expanded polyurethane single piece gasket. Every single filter is checked with a scanning test according to EN 1822, then labeled and the test report is printed and packaged with the relevant filter.

Technical Features

Product AB AA
Efficiency MPPS 99,995 % 99,9995 %
EN 1822:2009 classification H14 U15
Suggested final pressure drop 400 Pa 400 Pa
Maximum pressure drop 600 Pa 600 Pa
Maximum operating temperature 70 °C 70 °C
Maximum relative humidity 90% 90%
CE mark  ✓  ✓
ATEX version on request  ✓  ✓


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