• We're Back Again!

    Its been a while since our last update but we’ve been very busy, to say the least.

    We’ve had some great changes to the company recently!

    Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself. My name’s Tim and I’ll be taking over Natalie’s role of writing these updates for you, so here we go…

    Apart from myself joining the company five months ago, we’ve had two other new starters: Cameron and Chloe. The company has been expanding and flourishing nicely over the past five months.

    We had great success at the INTERPHEX exhibition in New York. It was really refreshing meeting lots of new faces and extending our contact base.

    I’m delighted to say that Summer has now begun and we’ve launched our Summer Sizzler offer of a free BBQ with every order of £10,000 and over. 

    We want to say a massive thanks to those who responded to our previous newsletter, feedback is always very much appreciated.

    Tim Atkins – Marketing


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    EVOTEK is a ceiling system which has integrated lighting, with advanced LED technology incorporated into the structure of an innovative modular ceiling concept.  EVOTEK is quick to install and requires much less sealant than conventional grid ceilings, achieving better air tightness.

    The EVOClean is a non walk-on suspended ceiling system designed specifically for cleanroom applications. Suitable for both negative and positive pressure regimes, sterile and non-sterile environments, the EVOClean is the perfect solution for cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories, research centres and healthcare applications.

    The EVOSmart is a non walk-on suspended ceiling system designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications. Ideally suited to applications such as hospitals, laboratories, research centres and healthcare applications.


    We have recently upgraded our showroom to include display frames on our four most popular luminaires, as well as examples installed into the ceiling.

    These luminaires are:




    Senator 40

    We can happily bring these samples to you, on display frames, to create a mobile showroom on your premises!



    Astra is delighted to welcome three new team members into the company!

    Cameron Payne started on 3rd January to be our CAD Designer. He produces 3D CAD models of our products and prototypes and is implementing new manufacturing systems in the production area.

    I started shortly after on 15th January and have taken the position of Lighting Designer. My role is to provide quotations by designing the lighting for each client and assist with marketing strategies.

    Chloe Morris is our newest member who started on 9th May to take the position of Production Managing Assistant. Her role is to order the necessary materials for active projects and assist with lighting designs for clients.

    I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us in the near future!

  • INTERPHEX Reflection


    We had the opportunity to meet up with several of our existing customers from around the world and demonstrated our WOW factor to over 120 new contacts from the pharmaceutical sector.

    Our SAFESTEP walk-on light fixture for composite panel ceilings generated enormous enthusiasm. Additionally, there was significant interest in our SENATOR surface-mounted light fixture and the VICTOR and EXCEL fixtures for non walk-on ceilings.

    If you missed us on the stand, don’t worry, our team is planning further trips to USA and can arrange video-conference meetings in the meantime.


  • Flat Panel Vs. Astra LED


    The use of cheap, untested and unreliable flat panel luminaires for installation into cleanroom projects has proven they are totally unsuitable for these types of applications, resulting in premature failures and high maintenance costs.

    We have designed an informative brochure to warn of the dangers and how to identify if your chosen luminaires meet the required European standards for installation into clean/controlled environments. We have used the Astra LED Senator luminaire as a point of comparison.

    The booklet outlines a 9 point check for choosing a suitable luminaire for your next project including, checking its energy efficiency (LL/CW), fire ratings, sustainability and reliability (L90/B10).

    Make sure you don’t install untested, unsafe luminaires into your next cleanroom project.

    Download the brochure here.

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