Imperial College London Case Study
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  Client: Imperial College London Project: Narrow spectrum lighting for organic solar cell fabrication laboratory Date: Q4 2017   Astra have recently developed the LED technology in their fittings to include narrow spectrum (coloured) LEDs and white LEDs in the same luminaire.  This allows the user to fully customise the colour of their lighting to suit the functionality […]

Cambridge University, Capella Project Case Study
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  Client: Cambridge University Project: Specialist clean area lighting package for new build research centre  Date: Q3 2017       Astra were recently selected to provide a range of specialist cleanroom lighting to a new build laboratory/research building for the University of Cambridge. This 18,000m2 biomedical research building will house all the resources and space necessary to […]

Narrow-Spectrum LED Lighting
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Astra is now implementing the applied science of narrow-spectrum (coloured) lighting to their already high-quality cleanroom luminaires. Rather than using coloured filters or colour mixing, we have pinpointed specific wavelengths in the colour spectrum to provide the ultimate application-specific lighting for healthcare, scientific and manufacturing applications. Red Lighting – Animal Care/Research Facilities 630nm red LED […]

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The use of cheap, untested and unreliable flat panel luminaires for installation into cleanroom projects has proven they are totally unsuitable for these types of applications, resulting in premature failures and high maintenance costs. We have designed an informative brochure to warn of the dangers and how to identify if your chosen luminaires meet the […]

Victor LED Exit Sign
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The Astra Victor LED Exit Sign is an attractive recessed luminaire specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and clean areas such as in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences and healthcare industries. Easy to clean with minimal crevices, this low profile luminaire is suitable for installation into wall thickness’ greater than 50mm. The internal reflector and […]

VBL Therapeutics Case Study
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Client: VBL Therapeutics, Israel  Project: Lighting for a new-build bio-pharmaceutical production facility Date: Q2 2017 We were recently approached by a renowned cleanroom contractor in the Middle East, to supply the complete lighting package for the new VBL Therapeutics bio-pharmaceutical production facility. VBL Therapeutics are a late-stage clinical bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialisation of […]