Astra is now implementing the applied science of narrow-spectrum (coloured) lighting to their already high-quality cleanroom luminaires. Rather than using coloured filters or colour mixing, we have pinpointed specific wavelengths in the colour spectrum to provide the ultimate application-specific lighting for healthcare, scientific and manufacturing applications.

sen redRed Lighting – Animal Care/Research Facilities

630nm red LED lighting provides consistent, controllable red light. As the animals used in research facilities are often nocturnal, the timing and duration of light and dark cycles must mimic a natural circadian rhythm to influence the healthy body weight and food intake of the animals. With dual-function white and red LED sources in a singular luminaire, the dimming of illumination and switching of colour can be electronically controlled and consistent to the rodents’ natural cycles without the added costs of manual timing maintenance.


sen amberYellow/Amber Lighting – UV Sensitive Procedures

570nm amber LED lighting provides visual acuity for detailed tasks without the damaging effects of white light to light-sensitive products and processes. Some of the many industry uses for narrow-spectrum amber light are:

  • Increase cell capability at IVF clinics
  • Reduce possible damage to DNA during stem cell transplants
  • Prevent damage to sensitive ingredients in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Photosensitive processes in semiconductor manufacturing and nanotechnology research


sen greenGreen/Blue Lighting – Surgical Procedures

530nm green/blue lighting increases visual acuity throughout the room during surgical procedures with transmission loss due to filters. Clearly seeing vital information displayed on OR monitors is crucial to successful surgical procedures: over-illumination causes contrast issues, resulting in unnecessary eye strain that diverts attention away from the patient. The 530nm saturated blue/green hue creates a balance of light to reduce monitor glare, allowing all medical staff to see clearly without adjusting the lights mid-operation.



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