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Client: MSD, Cork Ireland

Project: Teardrop luminaires for new build cleanroom

Date: Q3 2016

Astra and Atex were selected to provide specialist cleanroom lighting to a new MSD pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Brinny Cork, Ireland.

MSD is a subsidiary of Merck & Co Inc. a leading healthcare company that discovers, develops, manufacturers and markets a wide range of innovative pharmaceutical products to improve human and animal health. They have a reputation for committing substantial investment to manufacturing in the UK and often undergo expansion projects, building new research facilities.

For the lighting we recommended a teardrop luminaire from our range to meet the requirements of a LAF type room. This type of room is typically designed for the inspection and handling of hazardous substances, so it is often crucial that the user can carry out all necessary controls and/or operation in total atmospheric isolation to avoid any form of contamination to the room. To achieve this, a luminaire positioned along the ceiling grid with a specific teardrop shape was needed so as not to disturb the clean air circulation from the fan filtration grids in the ceiling.

The Astra LFL LED teardrop luminaire is specifically designed for these requirements as its shape and design facilitates laminate airflow around the fitting, preventing stagnant, uncirculated air developing below.  

With an extended aluminium casing and a removable gear tray compartment, the client had a choice whether the LFL LED luminaires would be mounted individually or in continuous rows. The client chose a continuous lighting layout and so the luminaires were supplied with through wiring and push fit connectors to give total reassurance of ease and rapidity of luminaire maintenance.

Working closely with our Irish distributor, Atex, we successfully met all of the client’s cleanroom lighting requirements, providing them with a dependable and punctual delivery service and uniformly reliable luminaires.




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