Lighting Controls

The demonstrable benefit of energy savings through switching or dimming your installation to suit your particular application is realised by ensuring that there is no unnecessary use of electricity.

Lighting controls are key to managing the use of light in your organisation effectively and efficiently by ensuring that the right light levels are provided in the right place at the right time.

The application of lighting controls to your installation can make significant reductions in energy use with the basic techniques applied through the use of occupancy control, timed schedules, light sensors and dimmable luminaire control gear.

Occupancy Control

By dimming or switching off lighting when there is nobody in a room occupancy sensors can reduce electricity use by 30%.

Occupancy control through the use on motion sensors can be controlled by two different modes – presence and absence detection.

Presence detection brings on the lighting as soon as it senses movement and switches the lighting off again after a pre-determined time when the space is vacated.

Absence detection lighting must be switched on manually and then the sensor switches off the lighting after a pre-determined time when the space is vacated.

Timed Schedules

Timed operation can be used as an effective method to control lighting based on predicted occupancy levels in your organisation and may be incorporated into facility standby or setback settings.

Light Sensors

Adjusting the artificial lighting according to the amount of natural light in a room using daylight sensors or photocells can reduce electricity use by up to 40%.

Lighting control through the use of light sensors is usually applied in applications where there is significant levels of daylight penetrating the building. Maximum control is usually maintained through the additional use of dimmable control gear which enables the automatic adjustment of the artificial light in response to the available natural light.

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