About Astra LED Luminaires:

The three key elements to effective LED performance are the LED chip, the electronic driver and optimised thermal management.

Our commitment to utilising a combination of world class LED chips, high transmission diffuser material and enhanced optical reflectors result in a range of Astra luminaires with exceptional performance, providing substantial energy savings when compared to alternative light sources.

Astra LED key performance benefits include

  • Reduced energy consumption with proven luminaire efficiencies of 96-115 ll/cw (luminaire lumens per circuit watt)
  • Part L compliance with LED luminaires exceeding the requirements of 60ll/cw.
  • Reduced energy bills.
  • Realistic capital investment repayment period through energy savings.
  • Less luminaires required – saving both capital costs and installation costs.
  • Less co2 emissions – efficient lighting reduces carbon emissions.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – LED life expectancy can exceed 50,000 hours.
  • Increased capital savings through LED luminaires that meet the criteria for ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) benefits.
  • Instant maximum light output – LEDs have no ‘run-up’ period or restrike delay.
  • Durability – LEDs have no fragile tube or filaments.
  • Glass and Mercury free – the ideal choice for cleanroom and foodsafe environments.

In addition to these benefits, healthcare and cleanroom environments offer an excellent opportunity to save lighting energy.

With many pharmaceutical manufacturing environments and hospitals operating 24/7 the energy consumption is dramatically reduced, providing increased cost savings and reducing the payback period.

For further information on Energy Savings click here.

For information on Lighting Controls click here.

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