Luminaire Lumens per Circuit Watt – The efficiency of the luminaire including the electrical losses associated with the control gear and the reduced lumen output due to the light-transmission of the diffuser material.



These figures illustrate the life expectancy of the LED (e.g. 50K = 50,000 hour life expectancy) which is a combination of light output degradation (L90 = when the light output has reduced to 90% of its initial level) and lamp failure expectations (B10 = when 10% of the LEDs have failed to meet operational expectations.


Life Expectancy (L70)

This figure illustrates the life expectancy of the LEDs at 100,000 hours as L70 (when the light output has reduced to 70% of it’s initial level).



‘Ra’ indicates the LED colour rendering index. We recommend Ra80 for working areas.


CCT (Colour Temperature)

°K indicates colour temperature. We recommend 4000-5000K for working areas.


Colour Consistency

SDCM is an acronym which stands for ‘Standard Deviation Colour Matching’. SDCM has the same meaning as ‘MacAdam Ellipse’.

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