Q:   142 LL/CW? What does that mean?
A:   LL/CW is how we measure the efficiency of the luminaire. It stands for Luminaire Lumens per Circuit Watt.

Q:   How does this compare to traditional fluorescent type luminaires?
A:   A typical fluorescent cleanroom luminaire is around 40 LL/CW.

Q:   So, how much energy do we save?
A:   It will reduce your energy consumption by over 70%.

Q:   How much money will this save me?
A:   Each luminaire will save you over £85.00 each year.

Q:   Will it reduce maintenance costs?
A:   Yes, you no longer have to replace the tubes, saving at least £25.00 per luminaire over 5 years.

Q:   Does that mean that each luminaire saves us over £90.00 every year?
A:   Correct, and in addition to this you benefit from less heat gains and of course you reduce your carbon footprint.

Q:   But LED luminaires are more expensive. How long does it take for energy savings to payback this extra cost?
A:   Typically less than 12 months, then you continue to save a further £360.00 over the remaining 4 years.

Q:   Wow, that’s really impressive!
A:   Yes, at 142 LL/CW the savings are really substantial. In fact, we no longer consider it commercially viable to install fluorescent luminaires.

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