Client: Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells

Project: Lighting Refurbishment

Date: 2016

Having previously delivered a complete ceiling system together with lighting and filtration units for a new build cleanroom project, Astra was the first point of call when JMFC decided to upgrade the lighting in an existing cleanroom.

The existing luminaires had deteriorated considerably with age and running costs were high due to the inefficient lamps used within the fittings. After looking at several options including replacement luminaires or replacement LED tubes they finally decided the best option was to refurbish the existing luminaires as the existing casing were of a good quality and this worked well with the company policy for sustainability.

Astra produced custom designed replacement LED gear trays that were a combination of the latest available technology including high efficiency LEDs, white optic reflectors and new diffusers to improve the appearance and maximise lighting efficiencies. The results were really outstanding – over 140 luminaire lumens per circuit watt!  This provided the client with substantial energy savings as below.

The LED replacement gear trays resulted in an energy saving of £17,766 per year, and a saving of £88,829 in 5 years. Due to the processes and production work carried out within these clean areas the client decided to increase the existing lighting levels from 500 lux to 700 lux and this was easily achieved whilst still substantially reducing the energy consumption.

For further information regarding LED energy savings or to arrange a site survey of your existing luminaires please contact the sales office on +44 (0)1903 764736 or alternatively email your requirements to

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