IP65/64 Front Access Recessed Luminaire

We here at Astra are proud to unveil another new luminaire to our extensive range of innovative products. Specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and clean areas such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences and healthcare industries, the VICTOR luminaire’s outstanding performance exceeds all key criteria for the most sensitive of cleanrooms.

Fitted with concealed front frame fixings and minimal crevices, the VICTOR luminaire blends seamlessly into the ceiling with screw caps colour-matched to the paint of the luminaire, improving the aesthetics and integrity of your cleanroom whilst also fully maintaining its IP65/64 ratings. This flush finish also enables the luminaire to be easy-to-clean, with no jutted edges, making it an essential requirement for sterile environments.  

Not only made with a ridged, fully welded construction, the VICTOR luminaire is also manufactured from a corrosion resistant steel with a durable Ral 9003 epoxy powder coated finish making it a luminaire that lasts in environments which are required to use extreme cleaning chemicals.

Utilising side arm suspension brackets which are fully adjustable from within the sealed luminaire, our unique self-tensioning bracket automatically swings into position and provides a secure, mechanical fixing. Once adjusted, the fixing hole is then tightly capped for that unified integration.

An ease-of maintenance for all cleanroom luminaires is important, manufactured with an access panel with quick release fasteners means the VICTOR luminaire provides a hassle-free access to the ceiling void, avoiding the need for additional access hatches in the ceiling. With a hinged gear tray, it is both quick and simple to gain access to the ceiling void. With the access panel removing to the room side, the required void clearances are kept to a minimum.

Specifically designed for use in particularly sterile and sensitive cleanrooms we have created further custom options to fit the specific requirements of any cleanroom within these industries such as,  

table for victor





In addition to all these benefits, cleanroom environments offer an excellent opportunity to reduce lighting energy costs and the LED VICTOR luminaire is one of the most superior energy saving cleanroom luminaires currently on the market.

Choosing the VICTOR, or any other LED luminaire from Astra’s range can reduce your energy costs by 65% or more, meaning that after the first 6/7 months you will begin to save money from this decision. When explaining all of these benefits to our customers they choose Astra every time. The peace of mind they are receiving from our products and customer service is unrivalled, and having all our luminaires (including the VICTOR) designed and tested to fit European regulations, they know their cleanroom is a safer working environment after choosing Astra LED. 

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