Client: Imperial College London

Project: Narrow spectrum lighting for organic solar cell fabrication laboratory

Date: Q4 2017


Astra have recently developed the LED technology in their fittings to include narrow spectrum (coloured) LEDs and white LEDs in the same luminaire.  This allows the user to fully customise the colour of their lighting to suit the functionality of the room at the time of occupation.

This has quickly become a popular option for healthcare, semiconductor and nanotechnology research projects and was one of the many reasons why we were chosen to provide specialist lighting to Imperial College London and their organic solar cell fabrication laboratory. The lab is designed as a class 1000 environment, meaning less than a thousand 0.5 micron particles can be found per cubic foot and is used primarily for semiconductor and nanotechnology processing.

A luminaire had to be chosen which not only maintained the integrity of the clean/controlled environment, but also included a certain level of UV protection for when sensitive processing occurs within the room.

The Victor IP65/64 luminaire was chosen as it is designed with concealed front frame fixings, minimal crevices and a flush finish which enables the luminaire to be easily cleaned, an essential requirement for projects such as this as it eliminates risk of contamination from bacteria build-up on the fitting. It was also manufactured from corrosion resistant steel with durable Ral 9003 epoxy powder coated finish so it lasts in laboratories which are required to be sterilised with harsh cleaning chemicals.

The luminaires fitted within the processing rooms were also manufactured with special dual switching white LEDs and yellow LEDs. The yellow LED lighting provides visual acuity for detailed tasks without the damaging effects of white light to light-sensitive/photo-sensitive products and processes. However, working under constant yellow lighting is unnecessary and can cause discomfort for the laboratory workers so being able to switch between white and yellow lighting will provide an interchangeable environment which has been proven to increase productivity and concentration in the workplace.

To achieve a total customisable lighting scheme the luminaires were also fitted with integral dimmable control gear and 3hr self-test emergency.

Having taken the time to understand and meet the client’s specialist needs, Astra’s attention to detail and ability to manufacture the suitable product to a fixed lead time, meant that every luminaire the client received was reliable, lasting, easily installed and maintained.

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