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Client: GSK, Ware UK

Project: VICTOR LED luminaires for

refurbished cleanrooms

Date: Q4 2016

Having extensively worked with GSK in the past, and with an LED luminaire to match all of their specific requirements, Astra was the first point of call when they decided to refurbish cleanrooms within their pharmaceutical facility in Ware.

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company specialising in research and development across pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare. They have a reputation for maintaining a high-quality standard throughout the company and have invested a substantial amount of money refurbishing their cleanroom facilities to that same standard.

For this particular project, GSK ran into difficulties following the refurbishment of some ceiling systems within the Ware site. They no longer had access to the ceiling void (via the ceiling itself) to carry out the proper maintenance checks of the services above, pipes, dampers etc. and required a lighting solution to this problem.

An ease-of-maintenance for all Astra cleanroom luminaires is an important factor, which meant that we already had a luminaire within our range to accommodate their needs. The VICTOR luminaire is manufactured with an access panel and quick release fasteners, providing hassle-free access to the ceiling void. This easy solution eliminated the need for GSK to fit additional access hatches within the ceiling, saving the client money and time.

The VICTOR luminaire is also fitted with a hinged gear tray, making it both a quick and simple task to gain access to the ceiling void and with the access panel removing to the room side, the required void clearance is kept to a minimum.

Specifically designed for use in pharmaceutical clean rooms and healthcare environments, the VICTOR luminaire has a number of other features that proved beneficial to GSK: 

Having taken the time to understand and meet the client’s needs, Astra’s attention to detail and ability to manufacture the suitable product to a fixed lead time, meant that every luminaire GSK received was reliable, lasting, easily installed and maintained.

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