DSI (Digital Serial Interface) Dimming Control

The DSI standard provides for quick, simple and secure installation and offers almost all the benefits of digital communication.

SwitchDim applications use the mains voltage as the control signal for the digital dimmable ballasts. This is the simplest form of lighting management, which makes SwitchDim uncomplicated, cost-effective and extremely user-friendly. Only simple conventional mains voltage switches are therefore needed to dim and switch the lighting system from several locations.

In presence-controlled lighting systems the CorridorFunction dimmable ballasts provides a new level of energy efficiency, safety and comfort. Instead of being switched-off abruptly if no movement is detected in stairwells, corridors, underground car parks or entrance halls, the lighting is dimmed to a low level and then switched-off after a delay of one minute. As soon as someone enters the room the light is switched back up to its full level.

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