LED Energy Savings and FAQs
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NEW CLEANROOM LUMINAIRE ACHIEVES OVER 142 LL/CW Q:   142 LL/CW? What does that mean? A:   LL/CW is how we measure the efficiency of the luminaire. It stands for Luminaire Lumens per Circuit Watt. Q:   How does this compare to traditional fluorescent type luminaires? A:   A typical fluorescent cleanroom luminaire is around 40 LL/CW. Q:   So, […]

Record Breaking LED Performance
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Over 142 luminaire lumens per circuit watt! Our latest LED luminaires have been independently tested at Light Laboratories and have achieved over 142 luminaire lumens per watt. This winning combination of world class LEDs, high light transmission diffusers and optical reflectors have resulted in a luminaire with exceptional performance. The first of its kind, the 142.6 […]