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Client: Thornton & Ross, Huddersfield

Project: Complete ceiling package

Date: Q2 2016


We recently supplied the complete ceiling packages for two new build cleanrooms in Huddersfield for Thornton and Ross.

Thornton and Ross are a leading OTC (over the counter) pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom, manufacturing household names such as ZoFlora and Covonia. Since 1922 they have had a reputation for maintaining a high quality standard throughout the company and have invested a substantial amount of money developing new cleanroom facilities to that same standard.

Astra share in the same passion for good quality products and reliable service and so we worked closely with the cleanroom provider to ensure all the clients requirements were met. Providing not only the lighting but also the filtration and ceiling grids for this project we had to make sure that every element integrated seamlessly together and that we made the right product recommendations to the client.

C10K_Page_01For the lighting we recommended luminaires from the C10K Range for the T50 grid areas and the WCR from the industrial range for the plant rooms. Two different ranges of lights had to be selected to suit the purpose of the individual rooms, the plant rooms being classed as not a clean area.

The C10K Range of luminaires was chosen due to the specification of a load bearing T50 grid ceiling. The C10K is suitable to fit both modular and non-modular ceiling types and therefore was the preferred ACS-T50 FPfor this project. This range also had some added features which appealed to the client, for instance, the high efficiency LED technology combined with high frequency control gear and removable gear trays makes for an ease of maintenance that is less disruptive to the everyday workings of the cleanroom.

The WCR was the luminaire of choice from our industrial and commercial range as the client felt the shape and size of this specific luminaire suited the composition of the room.

WCR-LED1As previously mentioned, the specified ceiling grid was T50 and the reasoning behind this is simply the advantages of the load bearing characteristics and the ease of installation for this ceiling type. Installation is both quick and easy due to the Click-Fix connectors, making it a perfect and still uncompromising solution for cleanroom projects on a strict time deadline.

For the filtration elements of the rooms, the Astra Max-EC fan filter units with room side filter change facility and H14 HEPA Gel Filters were chosen. The filter within this type of filtration unit is rated at Astra-Max AC99.95% at a 0.3-micron particle size, perfectly suitable for a cleanroom of Class 1 classification.

With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Astra is perfectly equipped to manage a fast paced project such as this and still ensure that delivery is always on time and the products are as easily installed on site as possible. We believe the client should always receive the best products and services and that includes always keeping our deadline promises.

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