SENATOR LED 114.130616IP65 Low Profile Surface Mounted LED Luminaire

We are proud to unveil a new luminaire to Astra’s range of innovative products. Aptly named, the SENATOR leads the way for LED cleanroom luminaires of its kind, by integrating new, advanced and unmatched features in its design. Our combination of world class LEDs, high light transmission diffusers and enhanced optical reflectors have resulted in a low profile surface mounted luminaire with exceptional performance, providing substantial energy savings and a safer working environment.

The SENATOR is a surface mounted luminaire with a low profile design and chamfered edges for minimum disturbance to airflow for all ceiling types. The cosmetics of the luminaires paint finish can also be customised to blend seamlessly into the cleanroom ceiling by choosing a colour from our range of specialist paint.

Specifically designed for use in cleanrooms within the pharmaceutical, food and healthcare industries we have created further custom options to fit the specific requirements of any cleanroom within these industries such as,

  • Anti-bacterial coatingprovides long term protection against bacterial growth through an active biocidal system based on silver
  • Chemical resistant coatinghighly durable against aggressive cleaning and sterilisation chemicals

In addition to all of these benefits, healthcare and cleanroom environments offer an excellent opportunity to reduce lighting energy and in comparison to standard flat panel luminaires, the LED SENATOR is far superior.

Choosing the SENATOR or any other LED luminaire from Astra’s range can reduce your energy costs by 65% or more, meaning after the first 6/7 months you will begin to save money from this decision. When explaining all of these benefits to our clients they choose Astra every time. The peace of mind they are receiving from our products and customer service is unrivalled, and having all our luminaires designed and tested to fit European regulations, they know their cleanroom is a safer working environment after choosing Astra LED.

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