SAFESTEP LED - Now stockedAlways striving to better the quality and efficiency of our products for our customers, we have developed and improved the performance of one of our most popular LED luminaires, the SAFESTEP.

The SAFESTEP luminaire is specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and clean areas such as in the pharmaceutical, food, micro-electronic and healthcare industries. Aptly named, the SAFESTEP luminaires’ unique design integrates seamlessly into composite panel ceilings and provides walk-on protection, thus safe guarding personnel working above the ceiling.

The SAFESTEP luminaire is now available to suit a panel thickness of 50-200mm guaranteeing a flush finish to both sides of the panel ceiling and a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, an essential requirement for sterile environments.


BUT this isn’t the only improvement that has been made:

600 x 600NEW Dimensions – now available in a size of 600mm by 600mm, the SAFESTEP has transformed into a more modular luminaire to fit even more seamlessly into a larger variation of ceiling types

Walk-onNEW Connection Box – there is now an option to have the SAFESTEP pre-wired with a walk-on power connection box. This houses a panel mount connector for the popular plug and play feature and accommodates both DALI and EMERGENCY versions.    (NOTE: pre-wired leads are also available to the length of your choice)

Plug and playImproved Plug and Play Connectors – as standard the luminaires are hard wired by removing the lid and inserting the power supply cable through the cable gland entry


Alternatively, the SAFESTEP can now be supplied with a flying lead already pre-wired to the luminaire and with a prepared end or plug connected to the opposite end of the lead.

We have successfully improved the performance, efficiency and uniformity of the SAFESTEP LED luminaire and are constantly developing the rest of our LED range to remain at the top of the LED luminaire market.

We stand for unbeatable quality luminaires and our customers appreciate our product consistency so much so that, by popular demand, the LED SAFESTEP is another luminaire from our range that will be available from stock!

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